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Community Outreach Program

Program objectives

Through the implementation of a comprehensive public relations strategy this program strives to protect the health and welfare by promoting awareness, accountability, cost-effectiveness, transparency and trust between us and the citizens of the communities we so proudly serve.

Scope of program

  • The Community Outreach department works year-round to educate and inform the public about the role the District plays in protecting public health and ways they can help their communities reduce vector populations.
  • District staff connects with the public through participation in a wide variety of local fairs and community events. These types of venues offer the opportunity for the public to ask questions and become more familiar with the District's programs and services. 
  • Informational brochures and visual displays are utilized to educate the public on ways to protect themselves, their families and pets from mosquitoes and potential vector-borne diseases. Publication of annual reports, educational materials, and  radio advertisements help to raise public awareness of vector populations and the efforts the District puts forward to manage them.

Community Presentations

Presentations on topics such as District services, mosquito prevention and control, West Nile virus, the biology and control of yellowjackets, tick-bite prevention and other vector control related issues are availble at no cost.

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