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Request Service

To help prevent the spread of COVID-19 and ensure the health and safety of our employees and residents in Marin and Sonoma counties, District staff will respond only to service requests of an urgent nature.  

Service for non-urgent service requests will be provided as soon as possible after precautions for COVID-19 have been lifted. 

When responding to urgent service requests our staff will avoid face to face interaction and implement social distancing or utilize cell phones for communication.  While our vector control technicians will be responding to individual service requests on a limited basis, they will continue to conduct mosquito surveillance and control work as necessary on breeding sources such as small and large-scale fresh water and tidal habitats, ponds and stormwater conveyance systems on public lands and agricultural operations.

If you believe you have an urgent mosquito or vector related issue, please notify the District promptly via telephone at 707-285-2200 or online - click here 

Residents may still report areas of concern, such as standing water on adjacent lands, public lands etc., and adult mosquito problems.  

  • Mosquito Control: Residents that are experiencing a mosquito problem may request service.
  • Mosquitofish: Free delivery of mosquitofish for permanent ponds or water features.
MSMVCD service area map